Plato was a classical philosopher in Ancient Greece who influenced the whole world. He was born around 428 B.C. and died around 348 B.C. in his early 80’s. Plato’s birth name was Aristocles but was given the nickname Plato because of his broad body. He was born in a wealthy family, who had a history in politics, which destined him to keep their history. Socrates, a greek philosopher, was one of Plato’s teachers. Plato was impressed by Socrates methods of dialogue and debate so much that he dedicated his life to question of virtue and the formation of a noble character. Plato served in Peloponnesian war where the Athens were defeated and an oligarchy ruled. During this time period Plato was considering into politics but due to the execution of his teacher Socrates feared him to it. Thats when Plato gave his life to study life and philosophy. He was the founder of, what its called to be the worlds first university, the Academy. He wanted to his school to be a place for future leaders and philosophers. There he taught one of his greatest students Aristotle.

Plato was expanded the teachings of Socrates and spent his life devoted to philosophy, the nature of humans, science, and mathematics. He wrote many dialogues. His beliefs in mathematics helped us understand the universe. He was one of the greatest Greek philosophers that contributed to our knowledge and understanding on politics, the universe, and math. His beliefs helped us create the modern democracy we have right now created upon a fair society and equality of individuals. His beliefs did not just have a major impact on western Europe but around the whole world.